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Life and Health Coaching
Life and Health Coaching
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About Me

My name is Sylvia Walters Jennette. I am so happy that you landed on my website!! I live in Houston, Texas with my hubby and two dogs and cat. I am 60+ years old and am fortunate to live with my hubby of 35+ years, two dogs, a cat, and in the same city as our fantastic daughter, son, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, and a precious grandson. I have experienced many of Life’s ups and downs that come from being married for 35+ years; raising children; living in England, Australia, and Egypt; changing careers; and dealing with issues with family and friends-- just like you!

Why I am a Life and Health Coach. I love learning about both myself and the interesting and complex ways in which we create beliefs and how they play out in our lives. As a child I had what is today called an anxiety disorder and I suffered alone during those dark years of my childhood. I started my journey of healing and understanding after college--everyone else seemed happy so what did I need to do to "unlock" my fears? I dove into the world of self-help books, workshops, counselors, therapists, dream therapy groups, hypnotherapy, EMDR, tapping--you name it, I sought it out, tried it on, and learned something about myself from each experience. 


In college I wanted to become a counselor and help others but believed that my anxiety, fears, and dreadful childhood disqualified me. How could a person with problems help others with problems?? My second love was nature so I earned my B.S. and M.S. degrees in geology. After all these years my heart continues its' passionate desire to help others.

Why I am a Death Doula. I cannot explain my passion to sit with dying people, to listen, to be a loving presence. I started volunteering with Houston Hospice in 2012 and returned to volunteer work with Memorial Hermann hospice in 2022. When I learned the term "death doula" I knew that was part of my journey as well. My studies with Alua Arthur were wonderful and I look forward to helping those who are dying, their families, and helping with end-of-life planning.

My Studies and TrainingSince returning from living in Cairo, Egypt from 2013-2022, my passion for learning has led me to study and participate in a variety of amazing courses, including

  • Nine-month interactive health and life coaching program, Health Coach Institute

  • Six-month intensive Mastery Transformational Coaching program, Health Coach Institute

  • Six-week course titled "Detox Right" by Dr. Vivien Chen, Plateful Health

  • Three-month course titled "End of Life Education and Planning" by Alua Arthur, Going with Grace

  • Four-week Somatic Healing Course by Dr. Laura Craddock

  • Member and student of the SelfHealers Circle led by Dr. Nicole LePera

  • Certified Usui/Holy Fire II Reiki Ryoho level 1 and 2 practitioner. 

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