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A Toxin-Free Life

I became obsessed with creating the healthiest lifestyle and environment that I could after completing a 6-week course titled "Detox Right" by Dr. Vivien Chen. This class was simply amazing. I would love to share my learnings from this class--the body's detox organs, best daily practices, a discussion about supplements, daily smoothies, and the five pillars for a healthful life: pooping, movement, sweating, meditation, and sleep. ​And who knew that broccoli sprouts are both easy to grow and a powerful anti-cancer food to add to your diet? 

There are so many choices for everything that we buy and use in our day-to-day life: skincare products for hair and skin, household cleaning products, air purifiers, water purifiers, food, cookware, and kitchen storage containers, just to name a few. Taking steps to recreate your new lifestyle can seem uncomfortable at first but remember that it's a process and you can take it one step at a time. Let's have a fun and interesting conversation about how to make your life healthier and less toxic for you and your family.

Because I am an information junkie
I spend a lot of time researching topics to help me make the best decisions. Here are just a few of my resources:

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