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Death Doula and End-of-Life Planning

Death Doula

It seems so natural to me to have someone help you through dying just as you have you have help when giving birth. Being a death doula is a multi-faceted calling, from sitting with the dying to helping them and their families prepare for end-of-life decisions and document planning. I can help with any and all stages in the life of a dying person. This includes simply visiting and sitting with the client; giving breaks to family members; sitting vigil when the time of dying comes; and handling the body after death. I can also help with end-of-life details such as Living Wills and comprehensive planning documents that include financial details, usernames and passwords, utilities, life insurance--all the pieces of our lives.

My teacher for end-of-life training and planning is an amazing and fabulous death doula named Alua Arthur with Going With Grace. I would be honored to talk to you about how I can help you or someone you know who is facing our final journey.

Hospice Volunteer

I was a hospice volunteer with Houston Hospice from 2011-2013 and returned to volunteer work with Memorial Hermann hospice in 2022. Imagine my thrill when when I discovered the speciality of being a death doula!

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