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Client Testimonials

“I wanted to make some changes to enjoy a healthier and more active lifestyle but on my own I kept falling back into bad habits. Working with Sylvia has helped me focus on making small changes to avoid becoming overwhelmed. She helped me set goals and guided me into action. She shared information and suggestions that helped me choose the best foods for weight loss and energy and showed me simple ways to alleviate stress in my life. Each week Sylvia listened to my concerns and offered strategies to help me overcome obstacles. She is very knowledgeable and passionate about healthy living and her positive attitude is contagious. I highly recommend Sylvia to anyone wanting to make lifestyle changes.” 

Monique B.

Sylvia is an amazing guide through the coaching process. She compassionately provides insights about habits keeping me from achieving the life I want. I feel as if a world of possibilities has opened up. Working with Sylvia has helped me to stay focused.”

Nancy E.

"I've known Sylvia for a long time and she was born to be a health and life coach. Her program helps you narrow down what you want to improve in your life and her supportive and charismatic personality helps you get there. I’d recommend her to anyone trying to improve their lives in any way, shape or form!"

Landon O.

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